School News – June

School News

The children have been very excited this month, as we have hatched ducklings in school. We have loved taking care of them, watching them grow and learn to swim. Each class has had time with the ducklings and have learnt lots about them, such as how they are adapted to life in the water and on land, what they eat and what we need to do to look after them. Work continues to improve the learning environments, with Pentagon Play recently helping us to develop our Early Years outside area.

We have been learning outside as much as we can. The children have been doing science experiments about sound on the school field and using our forest area to do art and design. Now the better weather is upon us, we can do more physical education and all the children took part in the National Mile Walk at the beginning of the month.

Some children are having the opportunity for additional tutoring sessions and after school learning as part of our Catch-up programme of support. We continue to do our Worship virtually so we can still ‘meet’ as a whole school.