Village Hall 100th Birthday

Hall News

In December of this year the Village Hall celebrates its 100th birthday. Officially opened at 7pm on the 21st of December 1921 by Earl Bathurst, the hall was seen as a fitting memorial for those lost in the First World War.

From the beginning it was a community project. Earl Bathurst donated the land and the stone to build the hall, and several wealthier residents gave substantial donations, but there was still a need for further fund-raising. A summer fete raised £150, Mrs Adamthwaite donated £17 as the result of her concert in the Bingham Hall and Mr Garlick raised £15 from ‘small weekly dances’ in the schoolroom. Eventually the committee had the required £975 and Mr W. G. Tanner was awarded the contract.

Over the years the hall has been maintained by many volunteers and has hosted many community gatherings. We are now being invited to celebrate its centenary by taking part in a series of events over the next 12 months. See page 5 for further details.