Village Show 2021

Hall News

Having had to cancel in 2020 because of Covid fears, the committee were determined to deliver the community a Village Show this year, even if it had to be a slimmed down version.

The weather was good to us on the day, with blue skies and sunshine, which enabled us to have the produce and bric-a-brac stalls outside, alongside the snack stall and the popular Dolcetti’s Ice-cream stand.

Until the Friday evening before, when committee Chair, Nick Grayson collected the entries from the shop, we had no idea how people would respond, or whether they would feel safe enough to actually come. We had made the hall as Covid-safe as we could, with a one-way system going round the tables. For the vulnerable, we had a half hour of quiet time with limited numbers, before opening to the public. In the end we had 135 good quality entries. After the category judging was completed, the Best of Show was awarded to Donald Gibson for his 3 superb, large, pink, dahlias.

We had chairs outside and because of the lovely weather lots of people stayed on eating ice-creams, buying produce and chatting until the raffle was called. Many of them said they were really happy the show went ahead, and would be entering next year, so we are looking forward to an even more successful year in 2022!

Going for quality over quantity, we had six brilliant raffle prizes kindly donated by; Feed Me Cotswolds, The Greyhound, Piazza Fontana, Mosaic Café, The Barn Theatre and the Sundial Theatre, which raised £174. The produce, snack and bric-a-brac stalls raised £106. Our Treasurer, Carlo Vuolo, stated that even without any sponsorship, the Slimmed Down Show broke even after outgoing costs were taken into account.

Thank you to everyone who helped, donated, entered, judged, or supported us in any way.

Jan Sparrow, Secretary, Village Show Committee.