School News – December 2023

School News

Siddington C of E spent October celebrating Black History Month. It was a time to spread awareness and learn about the black people who have impacted on how we live today. This year the pupils’ learning was centred around the book Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly. Each class focused on one of the incredible women who helped the USA in the ‘race to space’. By celebrating Black History, our pupils will gain a deeper understanding of different societies and how they change over time. We hope that broadening their curriculum will inspire them to be advocates for causes important to them.

On Thursday 26th October, we opened the school doors to our families and the wider community. The children exhibited their work in the school hall. There was a wonderful array of artwork, poetry, fact files and writing. On the same evening we also held a Big Draw event where the children listened to our school playlist and drew until their hearts were content. The school was buzzing with activity. We even had a few special guests!
Louise Lennox – Head teacher