School News – March 2024

School News

Using the driver of Psalm 139 1-6, the children have explored the Christian value, trust. In January, we joined together on our first day at school to share our new vision and values. The sun shone through the towering windows and we celebrated being back together through shared song and story. We discussed how having trust, and being trustworthy, is essential to any true relationship. Each class then returned to their learning space for a day of trust-focused lessons. We all read a heartfelt story about trust in a friendship, Pip and Egg by Alex Latimer and David Litchfield. Each child responded to the opening passage of Psalm 139, learnt about primary and secondary colours and produced some creative writing and artwork. Their work has been celebrated by being displayed in our school hall for all to appreciate. Every Wednesday, the children enjoy a yoga lesson taught by Miss Jessop. They have learnt two positions that demonstrate trust between friends. Our next Christian value is hope, which will drive our dialogue within the curriculum. The children will have a similar experience next term.