School News – April 2024

School News

Our Christian value this term is, Hope.

“Blue lives in the darkest part of the forest. He has long forgotten how to fly, play and sing. But one day, Yellow arrives. And little by little, everything changes.”

This is a story of hope. Yellow teaches us that it is OK to feel sad but also that we are not alone – that there is light and hope surrounding us. He teaches us that we must be patient and quietly present and when the time is right, we can soar once more.

This morning, I read to the whole school. The children engaged in rich conversations about both of the characters and some shared their ideas. It was a truly memorable time. All the staff here are feeling very proud of the children’s courage. They alone bring hope to the darkest of days. Please read some of their comments below.

How does Yellow behave?

  • Lighting up the forest with birdsong.
  • Getting Blue’s attention by sending light through the branches.
  • Carefully approaching – not invading his space. Just being cautious.


What would you whisper to Blue if you could?

  • Find the flower of hope and make it bloom.
  • Don’t give up. You are not alone; take my hand and we can go somewhere.
  • This feeling won’t last forever.
  • You can’t fly yet, but you will.
  • The storm will pass. It’s OK to feel how you do.
  • There is always hope on the horizon.


At Siddington we create a culture of belonging where pupils are nurtured, appreciated and enabled to flourish. We want all pupils to develop uniquely and become the best version of themselves; each individual voice is valued