Village Fete – Help needed

Village News

The Village fete organising committee would like your help.

Would you like to be a local celebrity for a day? This year the village fete committee is inviting everyone in the village to put their names forward to cut the ribbon and open the village fete. If you would like to put your name forward please contact Andrea at (07850 273 840) or Jude at (07801 039 033). The winning name will be drawn from a hat at 12.55pm on 29th June at the Siddington playing fields.

We are looking for qualified first aiders who would be willing to be present during the fete. If you are able to help please contact Jude at

If you would like to take a stall at the village fete please contact Jude 07801 039 033 or Andrea 07850 273 840.