School News – May 2024

School News

Our Christian value this term is Courage.

Each class will read a different book that focuses on the value of courage but represented in a slightly different way.

I read After the Fall to the whole school. It is a sequel to Humpty Dumpty. Once again, the children impressed me with their use of language, which is steadily increasing. They made clear links to their previous text, Blue. More often, they are able to articulate their thoughts confidently in front of others. When it really counts, we say to our children to ‘Be the best versions of themselves.’ I hope that through the teaching of this value, they will feel courageous to be truly themselves and stand stall.

At the end of March, our Year 6 pupils went on residential to Avon Tyrell. I was privileged enough to join them and their teacher. They were ambassadors for the school with their polite manners, good sense of humour and kindness shown towards themselves and others. We enjoyed and celebrated their successes on our return.

Also in March, some of the Year 4 pupils supported the Year 5 pupils at a Mock Trial at the Baptist Church. Our team were the prosecution and fought the case so well that they won the trial! They were competing against Year 6 pupils, but this did not phase them; they showed courage and creativity. It has been a busy month and our children, once again, have made us all feel very proud.

“Fall down seven, stand up eight.” When I shared this Japanese proverb with the children, I asked them to reflect on what it might mean and why it might be used in Japanese culture. One child explained that she thought it meant that it doesn’t matter how many times things go wrong, we build courage to carry on and keep trying.

I hope that the residents of Siddington will join us for Siddington C of E’s Summer Fete, Saturday 15 July from 12 until 3pm. If you would like to support us in any way, please get in touch with the school office,
Louise Lennox, Head Teacher