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Latest News

Church News

Church Christmas News

Carol singing on your doorstep Wednesday 16th December 6pm We want to encourage everyone to get involved in joining people from across the country in

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School News

December School News

‘To have fun, do our very best and look after everyone in a caring Christian community’ This term’s Christian Value is Compassion.  We will be

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Village News

Coronavirus Support Group

As we find ourselves in lockdown again, and with ongoing restrictions likely in the near future, it’sa good time to remind you about the Siddington

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Pub News

Greyhound Christmas News

Booking now for Christmas 2020! Tel: 01285 653573    Email: Christmas at the Greyhound is guaranteed to be one of your highlights of 2020. From

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Hall News

Village Hall Update

The hall has remained open since the last update and continues to offer a limited service in line with current Government restrictions.  The Trustees are

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Siddington School
School News

November School News

Term 1 – a term full of Learning and Thankfulness We have come to the end of our first term back.  It has been a

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